New data shows 42% decrease in job openings across CA, food industry hit hardest

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Employment rates have plummeted across California.

New data obtained by the ABC7 I-Team shows there's been a 42-percent decrease in new jobs reported this April compared to last year, according to data from hiring websites.

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Initial data from shows San Francisco was the only city across the state reporting a 10 percent increase in new jobs in March 2020. But, that trend didn't stay for long. As of April, new job openings in San Francisco declined.

So what industries are suffering the most across California?

According to the data, here are the biggest decreases in new jobs across the state:

1. Accommodation and Food Service Industry - 81% loss.
2. Arts and Entertainment Industry - 67% loss.
3. Educational Services: ex. teaching and administration positions - 62% loss.

For a more comprehensive look, here's an interactive graph illustrating all other industries impacted statewide:

But, it's not all bad. Some industries are still hiring.

"Believe it or not, some people are hiring," said Kris Stadelman, the director of NOVA, one of the largest workforce associations in the Bay Area. "We've had some customers get jobs in the last month."

NOVA provides a wide-range of services from resume writing to tips on negotiating salary.

The top five in-demand jobs in San Francisco as of (April 2020) are:

1. Software Developers - 7.5% of total new jobs

2. Marketing Managers - 4.7% of total new jobs

3. Truck Drivers - 3.4% of total new jobs

4. Stock Clerks - 3.3% of total new jobs

5. Sales Reps & Sales Managers - 2.8% of total new jobs

Statewide, the demand was strong for the following jobs in California (April 2020):

  • Truck drivers

  • Registered nurses

  • Software developers

  • Marketing managers

  • Security guards

Are you currently looking for a job and need help?

NOVA offers services with live representatives that can talk to you over the phone.

"For people struggling to get people on the phone during this pandemic...we have staff who can help people brainstorm through problems and help find solutions," Stadelman said.

NOVA provides services to jobseekers across the Peninsula with two offices in Sunnyvale and San Mateo.

If you're in need of help in San Francisco, contact the city's Office of Economic and Workforce Development or OEWD.

Or in San Jose, contact Work2Future.

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