Virginia Madden declares 'Oakland needs a football team!' in memorial speech for husband John Madden

The Oakland Coliseum crowd roared with joy as Virginia reminded them how much she and John love the city and its fans.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022
John Madden's wife gives sweet, humorous speech at memorial
Virginia Madden spoke for about seven minutes at her late husband's Oakland Coliseum memorial, and most of it was about their love for the city and fans.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A public memorial took place Monday in Oakland for the late John Madden, whose influence on the National Football league is arguably, unmatched.

In the former home of the Raiders, the Oakland Coliseum, Madden's wife Virginia spoke to the crowd.

As she reminisced on their 62 years of marriage, which she joked "most of it was great," she also reminisced on Madden's glory days as a Super Bowl-winning head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

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She spoke of his love for the city, his love for the team and his love for the fans.

"I know he's up there, and I know he's smiling down on all his players... and all you people, the fans, that supported him for so many years," she said. "John believes in the town of Oakland, he believed in the Coliseum, and most of all, he believed in the Raiders."

The fans cheered, and when they calmed, she continued.

"I believe in the Raiders," she said, clarifying with a John-like boldness, "The Oakland Raiders."

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Then, to much delight from the audience, Virginia declared, "Oakland needs a football team!"

The crowd roared upon hearing these words, soaking up Virginia's vigor, sense of humor, and her pride in Oakland and its fans.

She and John's son, Mike Madden, spoke shortly after, showing that wittiness runs in the family.

"I was at SoFi Stadium yesterday, but today I'm at a football stadium," he said.

Mike echoed his mom's sentiments, reminding everyone his dad loved Oakland, and "Oakland loved him back."

You can watch his full speech here:

John Madden's son, Mike Madden, spoke at his father's memorial at the Oakland Coliseum. His speech highlighted his dad's positive influence, and great sense of humor.