San Francisco kidney swap patients recovering

Monday, March 9, 2015
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Nine out of 12 patients who took part in a chain of kidney transplant surgeries are recovering at home.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Less than five days after a life-saving chain of kidney transplant surgeries, nine of the 12 patients involved are recovering at home.

Zully Broussard is one of the patients who is recovering at home.

All of the people involved took part in a life-saving chain that Broussard started last week. "The decision was really easy. It's always been bigger than me," she said.

Broussard has wanted to donate a kidney for years and recently started the process to help a friend of hers.

That donation didn't work out, but Broussard was unwavering in her desire to help someone. "I just went on to give it to the next person, to hopefully help with the quality of life and extend some life," Broussard said.

Of course she thought she was only helping one person, but the recipient of Broussard' kidney had a relative who wanted to donate. However, it was incompatible, so they donated to a different stranger. In the end, there were six donors who helped six strangers.

"I don't know who mine went to still, but they have said one of the ladies said that her mom had been waiting for 11 years, 11 years for her kidney and she just got it," Broussard said.

Broussard is encouraging other people to donate. She says quality of life doesn't change and to prove it, she plans to run her second marathon once she's fully recovered. "I think everyone can do it. It's just a little inconvenience in the scheme of things," she said.

It's an inspirational and life-saving message from a woman who won't take credit. "It feels pretty amazing that I could do that and it's not really me. I think it's God working through me, but it feels amazing," she said.

A CPMC spokesperson said the three patients that remain hospitalized are doing well and should go home within a day or two.

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