North Bay braces for possible mudslides in areas burned by Kincade Fire

HEALDSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- Despite the rain, people in Healdsburg were trying to make the most of their night.

"In Healdsburg, there is always good food and good wine and it doesn't matter how much rain there is, there is plenty of warmth. It's a good town to be in!" says Steven Daniels, who lives in Healdsburg.

But warm doesn't quite describe Saturday's weather.

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A steady flow of rain and light winds kept streets wet all afternoon and into the night. While restaurants in downtown Healdsburg kept busy, Rubyanna Solis, who does DoorDash deliveries, anticipates a busy weekend.

"The weather like this makes it really busy," say Solis. "Nobody wants to go out, so I make the money!" she says with a laugh.

A wind advisory is in effect for much of the Bay Area through early Monday morning, with more rain and colder temperatures. Many residents welcome the wet weather.

"It's been dry for so long and we had to get through the fires, it's nice to see (the rain)," says Lori Green, a Healdsburg resident.

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And no matter heavy the downpour this weekend, Richard Slater says he will still be out.

"I'm trying to lose some weight," he explains with a laugh. "Unfortunately, the weather doesn't matter, you gotta get out and exercise every day." He tries to walk about a mile a day.

There is also a flash flood watch in effect for the North Bay for the areas affected by October's Kincade Fire. That lasts through Monday. But many local residents aren't too worried.

"It's great to have the rain, I don't think it's (raining) too hard to cause mudslides. I mean just to (have rain) in areas where it was so smoky, it smells bad, this can hopefully take that down a little bit," says Daniels.

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