'Pure con artist': South Bay mom accused in teen sex parties extradited from Idaho

Prosecutors say when O'Connor was arrested in Idaho, there were 12 teens in the home where she was staying.
SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Los Gatos mom accused of throwing secret drunken sex parties for teenagers is back in the Bay Area. Shannon O'Connor arrived at Mineta San Jose International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, escorted by Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies.

O'Connor, who is also known as Shannon Bruga, is due in court on Wednesday.

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Investigators say O'Connor invited teens to her Los Gatos home, gave them alcohol and encouraged them to take part in sex acts. These incidents were sometimes non-consensual and sometimes happened while she watched.

At the airport on Tuesday, a woman named Sherri Mullin stood with a clear message for O'Connor, holding up a sign that repeated, "Lock her up."

"I wanted to go to the airport and I wanted to at least be there to support our community, our children and the high school," Mullin said. "And represent them when she was being extradited."

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The Santa Clara District Attorney's Office says a Los Gatos woman is facing charges after throwing drunken parties for teenagers.

Mullin said her teen daughter attended at least two events hosted by O'Connor, early on.

"She promised me that my kid was safe and she was going to be a responsible adult and a parent," Mullin told ABC7 News. "And she knew how I felt about that and she did the exact opposite."

Mullin said her daughter cut ties with O'Connor before the parties escalated to include nights of heavy vomiting, a broken bone and abuse. These are a few of the disturbing details and accusations uncovered in court documents.

On Tuesday, another passenger shared a photo of O'Connor after she landed in San Jose from Idaho. She was being escorted by sheriff's deputies and was in a wheelchair.

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"We are working with a pure con artist here," Mullin shared. "She was a professional. This wasn't anything low-key. She was a mastermind."

Mullin said she considered O'Connor a "mom friend," as their kids attended Los Gatos High School together. Now, she said the community of parents and children who trusted O'Connor are feeling tricked and violated.

"I feel a lot of guilt for being fooled," Mullin admitted. "And I tell my kid that I am very sorry. I am sorry that I did not see the red flags and I apologized to her."

The teens at these parties were mostly 14 and 15-year-olds and included O'Connor's own son.

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Prosecutors also said when O'Connor was arrested in Idaho, there were 12 teens in the home where she was staying.

"As we all found out, she continued her bad behavior onto another state," Mullin said.

Turning her attention to the Los Gatos teens who came forward to shed light on O'Connor's actions, Mullin told ABC7 News, "They knew that they could probably be in trouble from their parents for their participation, but they overrode that and decided to come forward. And that is very brave of these children."

She continued, "As much as we were all duped, at least you have a community here that cares and some brave children."

Mullin said she plans to attend O'Connor's court appearances.

O'Connor was taken from the airport and booked into jail. She is due in court on Wednesday.

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