Louis Vuitton declines devoted customer's attempt to return brand-new $4,000 watch

ByMichael Finney and Randall Yip KGO logo
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Failed watch return ticks off Louis Vuitton customer
A regular customer of Louis Vuitton stores worldwide says he didn't expect what happened to him when he tried to return a brand-new watch.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- For its devoted customers, Louis Vuitton represents luxury and excellence. However, an experience with a merchandise return put one customer's loyalty to the test.

Brad Troutman holds up two Louis Vuitton iPhone cases.

They're just some of his many purchases from the luxury brand.

"I've always been a designer person, even as a young teenager. You know, buying like designer clothes that my parents wouldn't buy for me," Troutman said.

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He's shopped around the world for the products and has been treating himself at least once a year with his favorite designer.

Troutman used his bonus money to spend more than $4,000 on a Louis Vuitton watch along with a watchband.

He knew right away he had made a mistake.

"So the watch was too heavy for my wrist. I have pretty small wrists, as you can see," he said.

Troutman arranged on the sixth day of Louis Vuitton's 30-day return policy to return both items.

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"But there's a problem with the watch band. It's stainless steel and he's like there's scratches on it. I'm like 'really?'" said Troutman.

Troutman described the scratches as something you needed a magnifying glass to see. He suspects the sales clerk possibly may have scratched it when he used a screwdriver to remove a few links.

"I was not happy. I had a really long relationship with Louis Vuitton. I bought more things I'd like to admit," Troutman said.

The best Louis Vuitton would do was give him store credit. He refused to accept the offer.

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"And then it's funny. I watch Channel 7 all the time. You know what, let me reach out to Michael Finney," he said.

A manager from Louis Vuitton quickly called him after 7 On Your Side contacted the store.

Troutman received an apology and a complete refund.

"I really do appreciate you guys helping me. I really was at my wit's end," Troutman said.

Louis Vuitton had no comment for this story.

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