Dubs season ticket holders start podcast to share love, 'marriage' to the Warriors

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Thursday, June 16, 2022
Season ticket holders share 'marriage' to Warriors
With a season ticket commitment, two Golden State fans consider themselves "married to the Warriors". They created a podcast to talk all things Dubs.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A group of fans' love for the Golden State Warriors turned into a commitment that can only be described in one way: a marriage.

The loyal season ticket holders started a podcast to share their passion for the team, their marriage to the Warriors.

Since the Warriors moved to the Chase Center in 2019, Dub Nation has packed the arena to cheer on their team.

Amongst the crowd, long-time fans Darchele Smith and Leesa Dreo, season ticket owners since the doors opened.

They are now enjoying their first finals run played out in their second home.

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"There's just something about Warriors basketball that gets the heart pumping," Dreo said.

"It's nice to have our own seats and our own section and have some ownership like it's our home away from home," Smith said.

The friends, or sisters as they refer to themselves, love their team in a way they say they almost can't describe.

Locking down season tickets was a commitment, a matrimony if you will. They're in it for life.

"We decided we literally married the Warriors because our contracts are like for 30 years," Dreo said. "The seat licenses are for like 30 years or something and the running joke was that was like longer than some marriages."

The running joke soon turned into a catchy title name.

Given their love for the Warriors and the fact they just can't stop talking about them, these friends took their passion to the airwaves and created the "Married to the Warriors" podcast.

"Each of us came to the love of the sport in different direction, but I think that we all gravitate to and connect with loving the product that's on the court, like I said, but some of the off-court stuff like our love for the players."

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On the podcast, they cover anything and everything Dubs.

From their famous cookie of the game segment to, of course, the 2022 playoff run.

But, not all topics of conversation have been positive this year.

Dreo's biological sister, one of the four season ticket holders, passed away as the postseason began.

They honor her with buttons worn at every game. The sisters say she's been the team's good luck charm.

"Hardcore Bay Area fans from our parents," Dreo said. "She would not want us to wallow and be sad. I'm sure she's enjoying all the Finals excitement from the Heavens."

The sisters hope the Finals run ends with a championship in her honor.

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