New Jersey's Mel's Butcher Box is serving top-notch burgers on-the-go

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Monday, January 11, 2021
Mel's Butcher Box hits the streets of NJ
Melanie Landano of Mel's Butcher Box is serving her top-notch burgers and cheesesteaks across New Jersey.

TENAFLY, New Jersey -- Mel's Butcher Box is hitting the streets of New Jersey serving top-notch burgers and cheesesteaks on-the-go.

Melanie Landano, known for her work with Pat Lafrieda Meat Purveyors, has curated a flavorful and high-quality menu, which includes a tasty ribeye cheesesteak with caramelized onions and her signature Mel's Double Burger.

"I decided to curate a menu with the most amazing meat using the Pat LaFrieda brand. Everything is freshly made to order," said Landano.

Landano, who has worked as a restaurant consultant and has overseen the opening of various LaFrieda restaurants, can now be found serving her signature burgers and cheesesteaks at local sporting games, parking lots, and catering personal parties.

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The outpour of support received from the community, many of whom line up for hours to try one of Mel's cheesesteaks, has inspired Landano to expand this venture and broaden the reach of Mel's Butcher box, bringing her unique flavor and unique experience to meat lovers all across New Jersey.

"We're not just a food truck. I'm treating it like a real restaurant, my own brick, and mortar on wheels," said Landano.


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