Fútbol fans pack Levi's Stadium as Mexico, Colombia national teams go head-to-head

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Fútbol fans pack Levi's Stadium at Mexico vs. Colombia game
Tens of thousands showed up at the Levi's Stadium for chance to cheer on the men's national fútbol teams of Mexico and Colombia.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- Levi's Stadium came alive on Tuesday night, but it wasn't American football that brought out fans. Soccer, fútbol as it's called across the world, attracted an estimated 60,000 people to the stadium.

Tens of thousands showed up for a chance to cheer on the men's national teams of Mexico and Colombia. Niners red and gold was replaced by green and yellow.

In the crowd of soccer fans, ABC7 News found fortune tellers.

Seaside resident David Cardenas predicted, "Mexico's gonna win, like 7-0."

"Mexico 2, Colombia 1," Fresno resident Julio Vasquez said.

Jonathan Placencia, a Mexico fan from Concord guessed, "Easy, 3-0. We have to win."

Modesto resident Emanuel Morales said, "I hope to see like a 2-1, maybe. Mexico taking it."

"Hopefully 3-0," Mexico fan and Antioch resident, Hugo Esquivel shared.

Colombia fans were clearly outnumbered. However, the match is considered "friendly." This means a win or loss won't count in the rankings for either team.

This led to loosening loyalties, some might say. Ask Antonio Vera from Mexico and his wife from Colombia.

"She's gonna support Mexico," Vero, who was in a Mexico jersey said about his wife, who wore a Colombia jersey. "And I'm gonna support Colombia."

More than just a game, the match presented a good time for those who traveled great distances. Many told ABC7 News history, heritage and culture was on full display.

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Seaside resident and Mexico fan, Leilany Mendoza described, "The music, the food, the energy, the game and everything."

9-year-old Colombia fan Valeria Rojas said, "We're listening to music! We're dancing!"

"The music, the food," Esquivel shared.

Andres Carmona, a Colombia fan from San Francisco told ABC7 News, "Having fun, Reggaton and everything, salsa! We're all big culture."

12-year-old Santiago Carmona and Colombia fan said, "For me, it's like a special game. You know, in my country, normally we play all the things."

Tuesday's game also marked a milestone for Levi's. It's the first international soccer match since the stadium was named a 2026 FIFA World Cup host venue.

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Some people said coming out on a Tuesday night was worth it for a taste of what's to come then and at this year's FIFA 2022 World Cup.

San Francisco resident and self-proclaimed "neutral fan," Alexander Alvarez said, "The World Cup is coming soon. So that's what we're all looking forward to. We're all ready!"

Esquivel sharing, "Soccer is basically a national sport. And plus, this is like the farewell game before Qatar."

Tuesday's game was the last opportunity for Mexico fans to see their team play in the U.S. prior to the FIFA 2022 World Cup

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