'Makes me so happy': SF family meal held for unhoused moms battling back

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Monday, May 15, 2023
'Makes me so happy': Celebration held for unhoused moms battling back
Sunday was a card-making, photo-taking, Mother's Day afternoon buffet for more than 40 unhoused mothers and their families in San Francisco.

SAN FRANCSICO (KGO) -- A special Mother's Day celebration was held in San Francisco for moms working to get back on their feet.

A local non-profit teamed up with San Francisco's Le Colonial Restaurant to offer unhoused mothers and their families a buffet meal and moments to remember.

"It means a lot to me and it means a lot to a lot of the moms because a lot of the moms don't have anyone to take us out to eat or a spouse or family that knows what we do for our kids every day," said Jessenia Arevall, one of the moms in transitional housing with Compass Family Services.

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Oakland nonprofit Araminta Ross Foundation is raising funds to provide bail support and legal assistance to mothers.

It was a card-making, photo-taking, buffet afternoon Sunday for more than 40 moms.

"Our moms are really dedicated to overcoming the barriers to being stably housed so anytime we have an opportunity to celebrate our moms we jump on it," said Stacy Webb, with Compass Family Services.

"A year ago I wouldn't have imagined to be eating with a whole bunch of families. I wouldn't have even imagined it," said Jessenia, who escaped domestic violence and landed on the street with her young daughter. "I left my relationship and was fleeing so I had to just leave without anyone knowing where or how."

It's a story Anastassia Georgopoulos knows all too well. She was recently reunited with her children.

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This year Mother's Day will be an extra special one for several two whose mothers recently gave their kids the gift of an organ transplant.

"Just getting them back over the past year for custody it's been hard and challenging," she said. "You know we've just faced a lot of challenges and just came through a long struggle through domestic violence.

Anastassia's 12-year-old Samantha gave her a big hug.

SAMANTHA: "It means so much because spending time with my mom is the best thing in the world."

TARA CAMPBELL: "You had to be away from her for a bit. What was that like for you?

SAMANTHA: "It was hard because I was the one that took care of my brother. I cooked him lunch and did his laundry."

The family is now building back and the bond between mother and daughter is seemingly unbreakable.

"It just makes me so happy to be with my family," said Anastassia.

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