My Cookie Dealer delivers massive half-pound cookies and ship to customers around the world

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Thursday, January 21, 2021
My Cookie Dealer delivers massive half-pound cookies
Around the world, hungry customers cannot wait to get their hands on My Cookie Dealer's half-pound cookies that have become a Long Island staple for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth!

NESCONSET, New York -- What started as a sweet treat that Karen Morel would bake for her competitive bodybuilding husband Juan has turned into a full-fledged business where customers purchase their half-pound cookies from around the world.

With over 600 flavors and more than 250,000 Instagram followers, the Morel's are busier than ever up keeping the cookie demand with their online shop, My Cookie Dealer.

The operation started small when Karen would bake 15 to 30 cookies for Juan to eat at the gym.

As soon as Juan would post a picture of the massive cookies, followers would reach out daily to see how they could get their hands on some of these sweet treats.

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After some convincing on Juan's behalf, he and Karen agreed to turn their dream into a reality.

"Our cookies are one of a kind you can't get anywhere else," said Juan. "She bakes these amazing cookies, which now the world knows."

The business was thriving as soon as it started, with their follower count growing each day as soon as they would post their next cookie drop.

When their cookies drop on their site for sale, it is important to select your desired flavors as soon as possible and check out due to the high demand for orders.

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"Every time we move weight, we have maybe 8 to 12 different flavors on every single time, and that's three times a week right now," said Karen." "We will bake as much as we can, up until a certain time that we're still counting as we're baking to ensure that we were able to put everything on the site."

Karen and Juan currently operate their business in Nesconset with a large staff, helping them upkeep the demands of the baking and packaging process.

They are hoping to bring their loyal and new customers a bit of happiness with their variety of flavors and organized service so that everyone can enjoy their massive cookies!


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