Warriors-Celtics back and forth heats up as Boston bar pushes 'Ayesha Curry Can't Cook' saying

Here's another NBA Finals drama for you.

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Thursday, June 16, 2022
Boston bar says 'Ayesha Curry Can't Cook' in NBA Finals drama
NBA Finals drama? A Boston bar wrote "Ayesha Curry Can't Cook" on a welcome sign, as Steph Curry replied wearing a shirt saying his wife "can" cook.

BOSTON (KGO) -- More drama between Warriors and Celtics fans. A Boston bar wrote "Ayesha Curry Can't Cook" on a chalkboard sign of theirs earlier this week. Stephen Curry then wore a shirt saying, 'Ayesha Curry Can Cook.' Now there's a back and forth between fans.

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"Yeah but it says she can't cook and that's not cool!" said Tami Cagle who is in Boston from California.

"It's for free though," said a bar employee trying to give her a free shirt.

"I know but I don't want it because she can cook," said Cagle who is in heavy defense of Ayesha Curry, cooking extraordinaire and wife of Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

"I bet they haven't even tried the food," says Cagle.

'They' referring to the 'Game On!' bar just outside of Fenway Park in Boston.

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"It says Ayesha Curry still can't cook!" says Game On! employee Rufus.

"Just a little playful sign you know, a little mental warfare with all the warriors fans and Steph Curry," said Game On! bar manager Rick Falcutci.

The bar's chalkboard sign initially said 'Ayesha Curry Can't Cook', then Steph saw an online post about it and wore an 'Ayesha Curry Can Cook' shirt after Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the bar has kept things going and ordered thousands of shirts to sell in the process.

"If you've never been to Boston than you don't understand we're really blunt up here. To me it's friendly banter, you gotta look at it like this, Boston major sports center, major sports, okay, and we're in the finals alright. We're going to have to talk a little you know. You gotta do it, gotta do it," said Marcela Lee who is a Celtics fan.

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But Warriors fans Ryan Handley and Anthony Gotti just flew in from the Bay and say Boston's got it all wrong.

"What's Boston got? Some clam chowda? Naaaa she can cook because I've been to a few or her pop-ups. She used to have them in the city a couple years back and she's awesome," said Gotti.

Since news of the sign surfaced, the restaurant, which was serving up pizza when we were there Wednesday, has been bombarded with negative reviews online from both Ayesha fans and Warriors fans. Management says, they stand by the saying.

"It's all in good fun, we don't mean to disrespect her, I do apologize but this is a sports bar and we're just trying to have fun with it," says Rufus.

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