Bay Area residents offer up their New Year's resolutions

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Bay Area residents offer up their New Year's resolutions
In the Bay Area we're officially beginning in the new year. It's a fresh start and many are pondering their New Year's resolutions.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As Bay Area residents say hello to 2018, many are starting to commit, and perhaps re-commit, to New Year's Resolutions. ABC7 News Anchor Natasha Zouves hit the streets of San Francisco to ask what is top of mind, and was touched by some of the responses.

The fireworks are done and desiccated Christmas trees line the curbs in the city, ready for their second life as recycled mulch. And as the stark reality of January settles in, it leaves us to decide what we're going to try to accomplish in the new year.

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Fireworks exploded over the famed Sydney Opera House and Hong Kong's Central District as revelers gathered to usher in 2018 in cities across Asia and Oceania.

We met people who are interested in health first and foremost; one couple blended up their first green juice of the year that tastes a bit like "rotten oranges." Another man told us it's all about maintenance. His goal is to "keep it tight."

A digital detox interested some. A man celebrating his 40th anniversary with his wife on New Year's day put forth that he would try to spend less time on Facebook this year.

The dog lovers we ran into pledged to walk their pets more and give more treats to their furry legged friends.

VIDEO: San Francisco residents reflect on their resolutions

As the Bay Area celebrates the new year, many in San Francisco reflected on what they want for themselves and out of themselves in 2018.

And, of course, there has to be a stoic realist in the group. A few said that no resolutions were on the agenda this year. One man said he was not making any because he is an "adult person."

Then we met Richard. He goes by Yoyo, he's been living on the street in San Francisco for five years now, ever since he lost his job at a bicycle shop in the recession. He began his morning overjoyed at finding a discarded empty cookie tin in a pile of refuse from the night before-he will use it as an oatmeal bowl.

"I have an 18-ounce bag of oatmeal right here. I'm going to 7-Eleven to get hot water and I just found a bowl to eat out of," he said.

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He says that the low point of 2017 was having his belongings stolen, including his IDs, which were challenging to replace. He says, though, he's visualizing good things for 2018.

"To have some kind of work lined up, or even better, be indoors somewhere."

And he says he wants to appreciate the little things: the sun filtering through the fog and the beauty of this city.

For 2018, we are wishing you health, happiness, joy and the space and clarity to feel gratitude every single day.

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