7 On Your Side: How to spot fake Super Bowl 50 tickets

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Super Bowl City is filled with happy people. The Super Bowl, all sports playoffs really, bring on a euphoria, and that makes us prime targets for cons.

If the past is a guide, counterfeit Super Bowl tickets will soon be for sale in the Bay Area.

It happened to Henry during the Warriors playoffs.

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"So what happened was, I bought some fake tickets on Craigslist. I met the guy and the tickets looked real, they looked real to me," said Henry.

But $1,600 dollars down the drain. He fell for the one of the oldest tricks: good looking fake tickets bought from a person.

"To buy tickets to the Super Bowl, you should go to StubHub or NFL.com, a legit source, not Craigslist - a third party," Henry is now advising.

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"The sellers that are listing on here have to go through a vigorous process. A lot of the sellers we have a history with," said Cameron Papp, with StubHub.

At StubHub, the tickets are guaranteed to be real.

"As far as duplicate tickets on StubHub, it simply doesn't happen. We get our tickets on the Tuesday before the game and go through every single ticket. We hand inspect every single ticket," said Papp.

To keep security tight, StubHub insists buyers pick up the tickets this Saturday or Sunday at their pick up location next to Levi's Stadium.

"Every Super Bowl ticket is a hard ticket, They are actually very sophisticated tickets. They have holograms, bar codes, seals, special codes so just to make them. They are hard to duplicate and there are no electronic tickets either. You have to physically pick up your tickets," he explained.

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The high security will remain even if to just to throw the counterfeiters off their game.

With this kind of money at stake, some suggest to be conservative, buying only from trusted and known sources.

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