Gov. Newsom, Mayor Schaaf reject Trump's offer to deploy federal officers in Oakland

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020
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President Trump suggested he'll send federal agents into cities like New York, Chicago and Oakland in response to protests across the country. California Governor Newsom and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf were quick to reject Trump's offer.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- On Monday, President Trump suggested he'll send federal agents into cities like New York, Chicago and Oakland in response to protests across the country.

He referred to the protesters in Portland as "anarchists."

"We're not going to let New York and Chicago, and Philadelphia and Detroit and Baltimore and all of these - Oakland is a mess. We're not going to let this happen in our country," Trump said.

A journalist asked the President what he plans to do, he said more federal law enforcement.

"We're going to have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you. And Portland- they're doing a fantastic job- they've been there three days," Trump said, referring to the federal agents that are already there.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf had harsh words in response.

"He continues to try and distract the American people from the fact that he is not doing his job of protecting us from this pandemic," Schaaf responded first on ABC7's Midday Live. "I don't need law enforcement in Oakland, I need testing, I need personal protective equipment. We need direct income support for people who are out of work, that's what we need. This president seems to confuse a political bent."

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Governor Gavin Newsom also rejected President Trump's offer to deploy federal officers after a reporter asked for his thoughts on the situation during the governor's daily COVID-19 briefings.

"The answer is no, and we would reject it," said Newsom

VIDEO: Newsom rejects Trump's offer on sending federal officers to Oakland

Schaaf clapped back saying, "Oakland is a proud, diverse, progressive city that is not a mess, nor is it hell. "

Alameda County is on the state's watch list, where coronavirus cases are increasing and Schaaf stressed the importance for more resources to fight COVID-19.

"This goes back to my criticism of this president," Schaff said. "These are the kinds of things we need help with from the federal government."

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At a local level, founder of Together We Stand, Sevgi Fernandez, has organized Black Lives Matter protests in the Bay Area. The most recent one was in Martinez.

"I think a militarized police force is what got us here in the first place," Fernandez said.

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"We've seen a lot of issues over the years in the Bay Area and in Oakland when it comes to how the community is treated by our officers and to send in federal troops would not be received well. It's not the way to do it," Fernandez said.

Fernandez feels like the focus today should be about education - not to send federal troops into cities.

"We saw everybody having to scramble towards the end of last year- we really need to be putting our federal dollars and energy into building up our community. Not sending in military force. It's counter-intuitive in every way," Fernandez said.

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The city is doing its best to keep up with the demand in testing and recently opened two additional COVID-19 testing sites, which Schaaf says are appointment-only.

To book an appointment, visit the county's website or call 211 from anywhere in Alameda County or 311 from Oakland.

Schaaf also addressed schools and distance learning, saying the most important thing the community can do to help parents, teachers and students is investing and donating to Tech Exchange. The local nonprofit ensures every family has tools for distance learning and provides not only a computer, but also internet connection and tech support.

"It's not just about a device, it's also about that personal touch of support," Schaaf said.

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Mayor Schaaf made a final confession to Kristen Sze and Reggie Aqui on the city's beloved Fairyland and its financial issues and uncertainty of reopening due to the pandemic. "When I was 9 years old and Fairyland was celebrating its 25 anniversary, I played Cinderella," Schaaf said. "I love Fairyland."

Schaaf encourages everyone who has an income to donate to keep the beloved institution afloat.

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"Fairyland is like our Oakland Zoo, I believe they can put the protocols in place to safely operate as an outdoor space, and that is good for everyone's health," Schaaf said.

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