Bay Area students organize rallies, walk outs in protest of sexual assault at school

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Bay Area students rally against sexual assault at school
There seems to be an uprising among some Bay Area high school students, who are complaining about sexual harassment and assault at their schools.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- There seems to be an uprising among some high school students who have complained about sexual harassment and assault at their schools. Students have organized rallies and walk outs in protest, stating the school officials are not taking their complaints seriously.

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Students from Oakland Tech have rallied in front of district headquarters to voice their outrage over incidents of intimidation and sexual assault.

"We need them to be active with supporting students who are victims of these kinds of crimes, and we need them to take these issues more seriously than they do," expressed high school student Crawford Patten.

In San Francisco, a photo shows students walking out of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts after claims of assault, including rape, surfaced.

School Board Member Alison Collins posted, "Students have consistently said that policies addressing sexual harassment and assault are inadequate in making students feel safe."

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A meeting was held Thursday night to discuss what is being done in light of sexual misconduct allegations at Oakland School of the Arts.

"They're not going to put up with the sexual harassment that is happening at the schools all over the district in general anymore," agreed Zachary Chaikin, a freshman at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.

Students at Lincoln and Lowell High Schools are now also complaining.

The situation is so concerning, the school board president met this weekend with student leaders and district staff to address this matter immediately.

The school district told ABC7 News while they actively investigate these incidents that happen on campus, they are limited in what they can do when something occurs outside of the school.

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The issue was brought up before, at a school board meeting ten months ago.

Again, Commissioner Collins voiced her concerns. "Students don't have language in order to know how to report it," she told other board members.

We confirmed that with students who said they lack the tools to address these incidents.

"The girls and guys aren't learning how to not have it happen and how to know when to say no and when someone says no, to stop," said Lucy Mauroff, a freshman at the Ruth Asawa school.

In response, a student-led group called SOTAstandsup.allies has been formed to help support those who have gone through this trauma.