Pleasant Hill celebrates Blues & Brews Fest with extra shade amid triple-digit heat

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Sunday, July 16, 2023
Pleasant Hill celebrates Blues & Brews Fest in triple-digit heat
That sun was not playing around Saturday. Temperatures in the East Bay exceeded triple digits in many spots.

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- Some of the hottest temperatures are occurring in the East Bay this weekend.

Saturday was the second day of the Pleasant Hill Blues & Brews beer festival, where many were not letting the heat distract them from having a good time.

That sun was not playing around Saturday. Temperatures in the East Bay exceeded triple digits in many spots.

One of those hottest places was Pleasant Hill, where people were doing anything to escape the heat.

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"Drink a lot of water right?" said Pleasant Hill resident Kathleen Simms.

Simms was on her morning walk through downtown. But this walk involved plenty use of the shade.

"I always come out. I get a Peet's Coffee -- a matcha -- and sit around and look at people and say hi," Simms said.

Elsewhere, some were using the park pool as a place to cool off.

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Pleasant Hill was also holding its second day of the Blues & Brews beer festival. The tents and equipment were already in place from the previous day, but what was new to those at the event was the intense heat.

"Last night we had our pre-party, and if that was any indication, the heat did not stop people from enjoying live music and beer in the park," said Jennifer Thoits of Pleasant Hill Parks and Recreation.

Thoits, one of the coordinators, of the event says most of the festival will be held in the shade.

The festival had installed a large tent designed to provide as much of that shade as possible. But they also put up several smaller tents to offer more places away from the sun.

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"We shifted things around a little bit so people could enjoy the shady spots under the trees. We have a mister. Our community partner, the City of Pleasant Hill, is sponsoring it, so we are staying cool."

The state unveiled a new website called "Heat Ready CA." It's a place where people can go to learn about health and safety tips as the state continues to see more heat events each year.

"The experts advise us that heat events will get hotter in California, with the potential of causing more heat-related illness and deaths," said Dr. Rohan Radhakrishna, deputy director at the California Department of Public Health.

It leaves people like Simms hoping for cooler weather soon.

"It is what we got, so I am trying to enjoy it," Simms said.

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