Which states are reopening? California continues to take slower approach to lifting shelter-in-place

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's the question we're all asking: When will California reopen?

California Governor Gavin Newsom promised to outline some of the possible timeline for reopening on Wednesday, however the state continues to take a slow and gradual approach.

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It's a contrast to some other states, which under public pressure, are already beginning to ease their shelter-in place-orders -- even if experts and some political leaders caution against it.

In South Carolina, some department stores and retail stores reopened Tuesday with 20% capacity. Public beaches opened as well.

In Georgia, businesses such as gyms, barbershops and bowling alleys will be allowed to reopen on Friday. Some restaurants and theaters will be able to reopen next week.

In Colorado, also starting next week, residents will be recommended to stay home but not required to do so. And in Tennessee and Ohio, a majority of businesses will be allowed to reopen May 1st, if not sooner.

The White House guidelines say states can begin a gradual reopening if there's a decrease in COVID-19 cases over 14 days. But that's not the case in Georgia, for instance, where the state's Department of Pubilc Health has reported an increase in cases.

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That is why California has not yet eased its restrictions.

"Again, we are not out of the woods yet," Newsom said Tuesday. "Deaths went up 5% yesterday. Hospitalizations went up 3.3% yesterday. ICU numbers went up 3.8% yesterday. Total number of positives went up 7.4% yesterday. Those numbers went up they didn't go down."

In the last 24 hours, he said, 60 more people in California died from coronavirus. Cases in the greater Bay Area also continue to go up, even if moderately.

"So, I caution those, including local elected officials, that practicing physical distancing has worked to keep those numbers relatively positive in terms of growth," he said, "But if we pull back too quickly those numbers will go through the roof."

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