Your pollen allergies could hit overdrive this week

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Let's talk about the pollen! If you suffer from pollen allergies your symptoms may continue for the rest of the week.

ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco says pollen counts are increasing across the Bay Area.

"If you've been sneezing and having to take your medicine -- keep it handy because you're going to need it for at least the next couple of days," said Nicco.

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Most of the pollens that cause allergic reactions come from trees, weeds and grasses, according to Nicco.

"For Tuesday, it's the trees that are the big ones," said Nicco. "Grass and weeds are also starting to creep up."

Nicco's pollen forecast shows mold is going to continue to recede as we get deeper into the dry season.

"I don't have good news moving forward, as temperatures reach the 70s and 80s the pollen is going to ramp up," said Nicco. "Tree pollen will remain high while everything else will be moderate."

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