EXCLUSIVE: 33 Tehama SF apartment reopens after catastrophic flooding with new name and new address

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Thursday, June 20, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Troubled SF luxury apartment reopens with new name, address
San Francisco apartment 33 Tehama reopened after catastrophic flooding with a new name and a new address now known as Spera at 39 Tehama.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Six-hundred tenants were displaced from the 33 Tehama building in San Francisco after a water main broke and flooded much of the building two years ago.

It just reopened with a new name and a new address.

"I literally felt like I was in a Godzilla movie. There was water dripping down from everywhere," said Ankur Sharma, a former tenant.

Ankur Sharma shudders at the memory of what he and hundreds of other tenants went through at 33 Tehama.

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Residents at San Francisco's 33 Tehama are wondering when they can return home after a pipe flooded all 35 floors of the building.

In June 2022, tenants were forced from their homes after a massive flood.

Thousands of gallons of water poured down through the entire building.

Hines, the real estate development and management firm that owns the building, said a water main that is part of the building's fire sprinkler system failed at the top of the building.

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Now, two years later the building has reopened.

Tenants have moved into the newly renamed Spera SF which even has a new address -- 39 Tehama.

A spokesperson for Hines released this statement saying:

"As of last month, approximately one-third of the original residents from 2022 have returned to the property, and of those who elected to retain their leases throughout the extensive restoration, nearly 75% returned to the property."

Sharma decided not to return after he learned that his rent would increase by 50%.

He now lives in San Diego.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable living there given anymore the false promises they made so far," said Sharma.

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Residents at the flooded-out luxury San Francisco apartment building 33 Tehama are now suing the building's owner.

As for the new name and address?

Suzanne Phan: "What do you think about that?

Ankur Sharma: "Absolutely, it's a sham. They are basically just fooling people so that the previous results don't pop up on Google search. That's why they changed the name, change the address."

Attorney Nazy Fahimi represents 90 of the tenants who used to live at 33 Tehama in a lawsuit.

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"We're going to continue to pursue that. We are hoping for a resolution. It's clear that Hines defendants are liable. These folks should not be delayed anymore for compensation for what they've suffered through," said Fahmi.

Hines says they've done restoration and renovation work inside and out at Spera SF.

"They are trying to cover up what has happened and try and erase what has happened," said Sharma.

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