Only 1 San Francisco neighborhood voted to support Prop 22

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Only 1 SF neighborhood voted for Prop 22
Every part of San Francisco rejected the measure to classify Uber and Lyft drivers as contract workers -- except for one.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Only eight counties in California voted against Prop 22, which was arguably one of the most talked-about propositions on the 2020 ballot. The measure classifies rideshare and delivery drivers as contract workers, and it ultimately passed.

San Francisco is one of those rare counties that rejected the proposition.

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ABC7 News' data journalism team used preliminary election results to look at how different San Francisco neighborhoods voted. We found that only one neighborhood voted in favor of the measure.

Of the 35,216 people in the Marina/Pacific Heights area who voted on Proposition 22, about 53% voted in favor of the initiative. That's 18,575 votes.

On the contrary, individuals in North Bernal Heights voted over 74% against the measure, which is the highest percentage in opposition when compared to other city neighborhoods.

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According to unofficial election results, 172,644 San Franciscans (or 40.5% of voters in the city) voted in favor of Prop 22 in the city, while 253,791 or 59.5% voted against it. Out of the entire state, 58.6% voted in favor of it while 41.4% voted against it.

Other counties that rejected the proposition include San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Marin, Alpine, Mendocino and Humboldt.

As of Nov. 2, Prop 22 received the most money out of any measure on the ballot in 2020 -- and the most expensive out of any ballot measure ever -- with over $200 million donated. The Yes on 22 committee in support of the initiative received about 10 times the amount in donations compared to committees opposing it. Uber, Doordash and Lyft donated a total sum of over $150 million.

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