Rain expected 4 of next 5 days in Bay Area, coming as a relief to many

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022
Rain expected 4 of next 5 days in Bay Area
Rain is expected in four of the next five days in the Bay Area, coming as a relief to many.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Huge raindrops made for quite the sight in Pacifica Monday night as the storm system came in strong and forced even the little ones to stop in their tracks and get their rain boots on.

"I like it!" said 5-year-old Mattie Maddox who continued by saying, "because we can splash around."

The thoughts of little Mattie were echoed by every single person we spoke with. Not the splash-around part but the, "we need it" part. Even knowing that rain is in the forecast for four of the next five days did not faze those we talked with.

"You ain't drowning are you? I mean, rain is good. We all drink water, don't we?" said a Pacifica local named Mike.

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The Bay Area is bracing for its first level 3 winter storm expected to bring heavy rain, flooding and possible power outages across the region.

Along the coast, powerful waves could be seen Monday. The National Weather Service says high winds could make for hazardous seas, which include a wind advisory and a high surf advisory.

But those on land aren't focusing on that.

"We have to think of things in a more positive perspective than always thinking the negative," said Angelica San Felipe.

"I like to look at the positive side of it, so I'm enjoying it," said Cynthia Sweeten.

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"There are a lot of things you can do at home. For us, we either go out and eat soup, or prepare ramen at home and drink hot chocolate," San Felipe said.

And as rain fell Monday night, crowds of people decided it was good soup-eating weather at Pacifica's Grand Hotpot.

"And to piggyback off of that one, there is really no bad weather. There are just bad clothes," said Robin San Felipe who was sporting a fashionable water-resistant hood from Hawaii when we spoke with him.

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And while we can joke about the rain, many here are well aware of our current weather in Northern California and the blizzard conditions that Buffalo, New York has been dealing with.

"It's better than New York. I mean they out there really suffering and we out here living in this beautiful weather. I mean, it was sunny yesterday," said Mike.

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