Noisy refrigerator drives San Jose family insane; here's how 7 On Your Side helped

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Monday, March 6, 2023
Here's how 7 On Your Side helped with SJ family's noisy fridge
Each morning, a San Jose family was greeted with a seemingly never-ending annoying hum. It started just one day after they got their new refrigerator.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The words "ear plugs" and "refrigerator" usually aren't uttered in the same sentence, unless you happen to be one specific San Jose woman. You see, when she purchased her new refrigerator, she didn't expect to be serenaded with the constant drone of an off-key pitch, but that's what happened.

Each morning, Shannon Giguere would be greeted in the kitchen with a seemingly never ending annoying hum. It started just one day after Lowe's delivered this new refrigerator.

"It was terrible. That noise would send anybody, I think, you know, it would just make you crazy," she said.

Giguere's first instinct was to ask her husband to take care of the issue because she says he's quite handy. Then she thought better of it.

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"You know, I don't want to be opening up a brand new fridge and then finding out it is a bigger deal than what I think," said Giguere.

She called Lowe's customer service hoping they would send someone out right away. Three weeks went by, and she said the promised call back never came. By now, her patience and her ear drums were wearing thin.

"Oh, my gosh. Like nobody in their right mind can listen to that. I mean, it was loud," said Giguere.

So she contacted 7 On Your Side, who then contacted Lowe's.

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The retailer said, "The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Lowe's customer relations has been working directly with Shannon and we are pleased that this issue has been resolved to her satisfaction."

"I was pretty shocked that the same day you guys reached out to them that they finally responded," said Giguere.

Silence never sounded so good to Giguere.

"Ahh, so relieved. And again, so grateful for the help you guys provided," said Giguere.

And 7 On Your Side is grateful, too, to Lowe's for responding so quickly once upper management was made aware of the situation.

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