Third falling concrete incident in a year on Richmond- San Rafael Bridge raises questions

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- It happened again Friday night-- a third concrete incident on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge this year alone. Not falling this time-- instead coming out of a pothole and splattering a windshield.

All of the incidents and closures have been unsettling for users of a structure that had been so reliable for generations, until now.

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"It does alarm me and it is frustrating that this continues to happen," said Tony Tavares, who directs Caltrans for the Bar Area. "It is an old bridge, 65-years-old. It is getting to the point where it needs extra care, if you will."

Hence an $8-million project to replace every cracking seam on the upper deck, followed by a similar project on the lower. They lead to the question of why not build a new bridge? Assemblyman Marc Levine has asked it.

"We know the bridge is failing so we need a plan so that when revenue is available we can build it."

A new bridge would cost an estimated $3-billion, with Caltrans spending $80-million in just the next 10 years just to maintain this one.

Caltrans has commissioned a study to weigh the benefits of a new bridge versus a needed replacement for the road bed.

"The bridge structure is not coming down," said Tavares.

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But the 65-year-old concrete has worn out.

"It is a good example of the aging infrastructure around our country," said John Goodwin of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The main obstacle will be finding a source for the funding.

It's one of those recurring themes now presenting itself in the form of too many headlines, too close to home.
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