Grandma went viral for baking bread in her mailbox, but did she really do it?

ByNick Natario KTRK logo
Sunday, July 16, 2023
Did she 'mail it in'? Woman's loaf pic questioned from far and wide
A viral moment of a woman supposedly baking bread in her mailbox due to Houston's hot weather has raised questions on its authenticity.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- A Texas grandma said she's heard from people across the globe after she shared images of her baking bread in the mailbox. It has spread like fire, but is it true?

Roberta Wright's parcel has reached more people than she could've ever imagined.

"I have been contacted by people I've never heard from," Wright said. "Countries I've never heard from."

Messages came from hundreds wanting to know how the Montgomery County woman did it. This week, she shared images on social media of what looks like her baking bread with her mailbox, which was an idea sparked by the recent string of Houston's hot, humid days.

"That kind of triggered, what else could you do if you have to use your oven mitts if it's that hot there inside a rusty old mailbox," Wright recalled. "What else could you do?"

It has lead to a viral post that's sparked suggestions on what else the mailbox could be used for.

"'Can you put a pizza in your oven?' It's kind of narrow,'" Wright said. "I'm willing to try it. It's kind of fun."

It is a function that saves money on electricity but could create issues for Roberta's delivery.

"I bet it would be a nice surprise for your mail carrier," Wright said. "My response is, only bake on Sunday. No mail delivery."

If the story is too good to be true, it's because it is. Roberta says while she shared photos of herself baking bread in the mailbox, it was all in fun.

"I believe some people believe that," Wright explained. "It's not exactly what happened. It's the storytelling of your imagination."

It's a lesson this grandma said isn't only found in her mailbox, but in the pages of her new book, '"Out of this World Granny."

"It's the storytelling of your imagination," Wright said. "Could it get hot enough? Could the yeast rise and everything like that?"

It's a fictional parcel that's reached more people than she ever thought possible.

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