Rolling Stones say Levi's Stadium isn't worth the effort

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Friday, September 13, 2019
Rolling Stones say Levi's Stadium isn't worth the effort
It appears the Rolling Stones can't get no satisfaction from the city of Santa Clara.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- It appears the Rolling Stones can't get no satisfaction from the city of Santa Clara. The iconic band rocked out at Levi's Stadium last month, but now, we're learning about some of the issues they say they encountered to play that show.

In a letter to stadium management after the August 18th concert, the band's promoter, John Morrison, blasted the city for micro-management and imposing what he says were last-minute changes, including the cancellation of a pyrotechnic show, additional stage inspections, and restrictions to catering.

"Do you not want touring shows anymore? The impression I and many others in the industry have, is your facility is getting so restrictive and dysfunctional, it's no longer worth the effort to play there due to the myriad and random rule changes," wrote Morrison.

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The 49ers, who manage day-to-day operations at Levi's, released a statement saying in part, "By politicizing her administrative authority, the City Manager jeopardized future events and guaranteed a decline in stadium revenue... Such stunts may appease Mayor Gillmor, but they continue to harm every Santa Clara resident."

The rocky relationship between the city and the 49ers has been well documented over the years. Much has been said about the stadium's usual 10 pm weeknight curfew, which the team says has pushed multiple acts away. As for the fireworks, a document obtained by ABC7 News, shows that the promoter did not include them on the application.

"The City has a responsibility to ensure that events comply with building and fire codes, which it did, and these requirements are well known. It is unfortunate that the 49ers and Promoters view this regulatory function as excessive," said Santa Clara city manager Deanna Santana.

San Jose State University public relations professor and communications strategist, Matt Cabot, says the two sides need to figure out how to mend their relationship.

"They need to get their act together because at some point if it becomes untenable to here, acts will decide to go somewhere else," said Cabot. "Both sides are pointing to the other side saying they're being mismanaged or micromanaged, but it's clear that they need to do something to make this whole situation work."

The band was allowed to play one hour past the 10 pm curfew.

"The 49ers' complaints about the 10 pm weeknight curfew deflects from their management performance in which they continue to book non-National Football League (NFL) events that lose over $3 million annually for the Stadium Authority," said Santana. "Weekday concerts are a minor part of the overall non-NFL money-making events such as international soccer matches, corporate events and weekend concerts."

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