San Bernardino Mass Shooting - What We Know

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- Here is what we know about the mass shooting at an Inland Regional Center building in San Bernardino on Wednesday.

  • San Bernardino police identified Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, as the suspects in the mass shooting. It was confirmed Farook was an American citizen.

  • The suspects were married, according to Farook's brother-in-law.

  • Up to 14 people dead, up to 21 people injured - San Bernardino police confirm,

  • Suspects fired between 65 to 75 rounds during shooting at Inland Regional Center.

  • Officers said they are "reasonably confident" there were only two suspects involved in the mass shooting.

  • Authorities continue to search a home in Redlands that was confirmed to be connected to one of the gunmen in the deadly mass shooting.

  • 12 pipe-bomb-type devices were found at the Redlands home.

  • Farook and Malik were the suspects in the massive shootout, located 1 mile south of the IRC building, involving police and a dark SUV.

  • San Bernardino police were chasing the dark SUV before the incident ended in gunfire.

  • Law enforcement fired 380 rounds at the two suspects at end of that chase; suspects fired 76 rifle rounds, but had additional 1400 rounds on them.

  • SUV involved in chase was rented by one of the suspects three to four days ago

  • Four guns that were used in San Bernardino shooting were purchased legally, law enforcement sources tell ABC News

  • San Bernardino police were chasing the dark SUV before the incident ended in gunfire.

  • One officer was struck in the shootout but did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

  • California State University, San Bernardino is back open Thursday. A hotline was provided for staff and students: (909) 537-5999

  • Inland Regional Center is comprised of three buildings. The shooting occurred in the building with the main auditorium during a holiday luncheon for the San Bernardino County Health Department.

  • Approximately 550 people typically work at the Inland Regional Center on an average day, a regional center employee told Eyewitness News.

  • Patients were transported to multiple area hospitals, including Loma Linda University Medical Center, Arrowhead Medical Center, Patton State Hospital

  • ATF, FBI agents assisting local agencies.

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