The best and brightest of San Jose's home Christmas light displays

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Friday, December 22, 2023
The best and brightest of San Jose's home Christmas light displays
San Jose residents are serious when it comes to making Christmas spirits bright and here's a look at two of the city's most decorated homes.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose residents are serious when it comes to making spirits bright.

It takes Luis Trejo a week to set up his Christmas lights and displays at his home off Santa Teresa Boulevard.

The reactions he gets from neighbors, kids, and his own family makes the effort enjoyable.

"It makes me feel very good, makes me do better for the following year. And start thinking what else can I make different so they can come more and more," Trejo said.

When Trejo and his wife got home from shopping on Wednesday night, there was a line of people waiting.

"Gives me the chills like oh my God they're here for me so I get up and run turn everything on so they could enjoy it," Trejo said.

This year Luis Trejo received a 'Neighborhood Holiday Spirit Award' from Nob Hill.

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Rosa Trejo is happy that after 20 years of her husband decorating, more people can see the spirit he brings to the community.

"It makes me happy that all his hard work is seen and appreciated. It feels really nice to see happiness in other people," Rosa Trejo said.

Kids in the neighborhood appreciated and recognized the effort it takes.

Robert Asatryan and his younger brother Albert live in the neighborhood.

"I personally think that I would not put in this much work just to take it out three weeks later," Robert Asatryan said.

Albert said, "It's fun to have a neighbor like this."

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Earlier this week the Tran family in San Jose starred in ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight.

They were one of four finalist families from across the nation competing for $50,000.

Tony Tran said he posted picture of his yard to a Christmas decorations page on Facebook and caught the attention from a casting director.

His wife Stacey Doan said they were nervous before filming.

"The team, the crew is so nice and they talked to us before that and they make us feel comfortable, so it was a good experience," Doan said.

Doan said they decorated a lot before COVID but on a much smaller scale. During the pandemic they started to go all out.

Tony Tran and his family didn't win on the Light Fight but just being considered a finalist was an honor.

"Something magic about Christmas and the air and the lights that really bring peace to me. I hear kids running around with laughter and you know the -ohh and ahh that really, really makes everything we do is worthwhile," Tony Tran said.

The Tran family starts setting up the weekend before Halloween.

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