EXCLUSIVE: 1 of 2 kids shot on I-880 in San Lorenzo still in hospital after major surgery

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Child shot on I-880 still in hospital after major surgery
One of the kids shot on I-880 in San Lorenzo while riding with their parents is still in the hospital after a major surgery on her abdomen.

SAN LORENZO, Calif. (KGO) -- There are new details in a highway shooting on Interstate 880 in San Lorenzo that injured two kids last Saturday night.

Family members tell ABC7 News a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy were both shot.

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In a picture showing the vehicle they were in, you can see the bullet hole in the door. This happened along I-880 in San Lorenzo where that single shot went through the door and hit the two kids sitting in the backseat.

Both were on their phones, and their mom and dad were in the front seat. The 12-year-old girl is still in the hospital after a major surgery on her abdomen area.

Image of an apparent bullet hole on a car that injured two children on Interstate 880 on Jan. 13, 2024 in San Lorenzo, Calif.
Image of an apparent bullet hole on a car that injured two children on Interstate 880 on Jan. 13, 2024 in San Lorenzo, Calif.

"She's just trying to recover, we're talking about kids who are 12 and 13 years old," said Christina Lee.

Lee is a friend of the victims and their parents and is speaking on their behalf. The shooting happened on Saturday night around 7 p.m.

"Gonna be for two children, unknown age that were shot in a vehicle reported northbound 880," is what was heard on the scanner.

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It's unclear who fired the shot or if the gunman was in a nearby vehicle - that person is still out there. Lee said the entire family was in the car and their mom was driving.

"She said that she was driving along, just a rainy night, fairly quiet, very smooth drive, and then all of a sudden it sounded like somebody popped a balloon next to their ears and her husband looked at her and was like, what was that?" said Lee.

The family, driving along this highway, had just come from a party and had gift bags so there was an assumption that something in the bag may have blown up but then their son said, "Gunshot!"

"Dad looked behind because he was passenger and realized that his son was bleeding and told his wife pull over now and the daughter just said, 'Ow!'"

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Caltrans tells us that 200 highway cameras have been installed in the Bay Area on State Route 4, I-580, I-80, and I-880. The idea is that these can help later identify vehicles involved in these shootings. However, Caltrans says the cameras won't be fully operational until the spring.

It's unacceptable to Hercules Mayor Dan Romero.

"What's the slow motion on this? I mean if Caltrans is doing this then, come on, you've got the cameras installed. Take some pride and let's get them operational!" said Romero.

Lee says these types of shootings need to stop. She says this family is now hurting.

"You never think it's going to happen to you, especially a family like this, you know. They are just a good small God-fearing Christian family actually, so for them, of course, they are questioning, they're traumatized, they're traumatized," said Lee.

Those with CHP say there are no new updates on the investigation. The bullet that had to be removed from the young girl has been turned over as evidence.

A friend of the family has setup a GoFundMe page, which can be found here.

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