SF Mayor Breed's brother takes step closer to early prison release

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Tuesday, March 7, 2023
SF Mayor Breed's brother takes step closer to early prison release
A judge set aside manslaughter conviction of San Francisco mayor's brother based on a new law, sentencing guidelines, according to his attorney.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The brother of San Francisco Mayor London Breed may be getting out of prison sooner than expected. A judge set aside his manslaughter conviction Monday because of changes to state law.

Many people reacted on social media Monday saying this must have been some backroom deal. But that does not appear to be the case.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins was appointed by Mayor Breed, but prosecutors fought against the mayor's brother getting a lighter sentence.

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Mayor Breed's brother, Napoleon Brown, deserves to get out of prison early according to his defense attorney, because of a change in state law.

Marc Zilversmit represents Brown and told the I-Team, "Under the old law, felony murder, anybody who's involved in a felony, where someone dies is guilty of murder, under the new law, you actually have to be the actual killer, or act with intent to kill."

Brown was convicted for the June 2000 robbery of Johnny Rockets in the Marina District. He was also convicted of carjacking and murder, later reduced to manslaughter. In the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, Brown pushed the getaway car's driver, his girlfriend Lenties White, onto the pavement. She died after being hit by a drunk driver.

Judie Pursell, SFPD Homicide in June 2000: "The victim who was struck on the bridge perhaps was thrown from the vehicle. We do have a strong suspicion that it was an intentional act."

Reporter: "That she was pushed?"

Pursell: "Yes."

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There on the bridge, Lenties White was able to tell police, "S.B. threw me out of the car." She died later at the hospital. Napoleon Brown admitted "S.B." is his nickname, "Sonny Boy."

Now, with that part of the case set aside, Brown will be resentenced in the coming weeks on the robbery and carjacking. His current 44 years and four months could be reduced to the point he gets out of prison in the coming weeks.

Dan Noyes: "What is the message that he wants to get to the court?

Marc Zilversmit: "Well, he's extremely remorseful about his behavior."

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Zilversmit says Brown was a much different person 23 years ago, wrapped up in drugs, "reckless and thoughtless" and adds, "He's actually grateful for the time in prison because it's, it's given him time to reassess the wrongs that he's that he's committed and the harm that he's caused to too many people."

A couple of steps still to go - a hearing next month to set a date for a resentencing hearing. The San Francisco District Attorney's Office Monday declined to comment on what happened in court.

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