SFMTA to extend parking meter hours, include Sundays. Here's what drivers need to know

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023
SF to extend parking meter hours, include Sundays
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency plans to extend metered parking hours until 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco is about to launch its biggest change to the city's parking meters in nearly 70 years.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency plans to extend metered parking hours starting this summer until 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, which is currently until 6 p.m. in most areas.

The SFMTA says it will start in six phases beginning in July 2023 and continue through December 2024.

The agency is also adding meter hours from noon until 6 p.m. on Sundays.

The SFMTA says parking meters already operate in the evenings or on Sundays in some areas, including Mission Bay, South Beach, the 18th Street business district in Potrero Hill and along the Embarcadero.

SFMTA says this will make parking meter hours more consistent city-wide and will generate revenue to help sustain Muni service.

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According to new projections by the SFMTA, the San Francisco transit operator could be facing a budget deficit as high as $214 million by 2026.

But drivers, on the other hand, aren't happy about it.

"It's maddening! I mean to extend the parking through until 10 o'clock at night really just makes it difficult," said Rae Terry of San Francisco.

"It's like every little thing is more and more and more and the city is in worse and worse shape, don't get me started, sorry," said Anita Ettinger of San Francisco.

Parklets and bike lanes have taken away parking spots in recent years, now more meter enforcement.

But those with the SFMTA are expecting a $130 million deficit by 2025, and say they must act.

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"Our conservative estimate is that this would return about $18.5 million in revenue so obviously not $130 million, but a pretty substantial chunk," said Hank Wilson of the SFMTA.

Ten years ago, a similar Sunday meter enforcement was put into place. Wilson says it was successful for more than a year in bringing more customers to businesses and restaurants.

But in 2014, Mayor Ed Lee helped successfully pushed to reinstate free parking saying, "Instead of nickel and diming our residents at the meter on Sunday, let's work together to support comprehensive transportation funding measures."

Wilson, though, says it's about helping businesses.

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"San Francisco is not in the 1950s anymore and businesses are open on evenings and Sundays, and we think it makes a lot of sense to extend this."

Without a bridge in the funding deficit, Wilson says Muni service could be severely cut. Riders though are confused and believe there are better ways to cut the deficit.

"Really you should be focusing on people who take advantage of the public transit and don't pay, they just walk on and you go to other cities like Chicago or New York and they're not going to let you on that bus, they're going to say, 'yo get off' but here you just go on them," said Muni rider Anthony Deavila.

"Oh let me count the ways of how I'm frustrated with the city and yet I love the city, I have lived here since 1962, it's beautiful and I understand why people want to come and visit and I want them to be here; but I want it to be the beautiful city I know and I don't want them to have to pay $15 to $20 to park their car," said Terry.

Extended Parking Meter Hours Phasing Plan:

Source: SFMTA

Current evening/Sunday meter hours

Mission Bay

South Beach


Phase 1

July 2023


Fisherman's Wharf

Phase 2

September 2023

North Beach

Central SoMa

Western SoMa

Hayes Valley

Civic Center

Lower Polk

Upper Polk

Financial District

Telegraph Hill

Union Square

Union Street/Cow Hollow


Upper Fillmore

Phase 3

October to December 2023

Lower Divisadero

Upper Divisadero

Western Addition

Castro/Upper Market/Duboce Triangle

Inner Sunset

Middle Irving

Upper Haight

Cole Valley

Showplace Square/Northern Potrero

Potrero Hill (18th Street)

Phase 4

January - March 2024

Ocean Avenue

Laurel/Presidio Heights

Lone Mountain

Inner Clement

Inner Geary

Inner Balboa

Noe Valley

Bernal Heights (Cortland)

Glen Park

Phase 5

April - May 2024

West Portal

Outer Clement

Outer Geary

Outer Balboa

Outer Noriega

Inner Noriega



Phase 6

May - December 2024


Visitacion Valley

San Bruno

Excelsior/Outer Mission

24th Street/Calle 24

Inner Mission

Mission south of 24th

Northeast Mission


Lower Fillmore/Japantown

Lower Haight


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