ONLYONABC7NEWS.COM: San Francisco resident describes savage attack by sideshow participants

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
EXCLUSIVE: SF resident describes savage attack by sideshow participants
San Francisco resident recalls the frightening moment when sideshow participants brutally attacked him in front of his home on Clayton Street, leaving him with a broken nose and a concussion. No arrests have been made in the attack yet.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- First came the loud noise of burning tires at 2 a.m., then the attack.

"They broke my nose in two places, I have a concussion and I could've been killed easily," said a San Francisco resident who preferred to remain anonymous.

The Clayton Street resident, said he walked outside his apartment and made a comment about the loud sideshow to people around him, thinking he was surrounded by other neighbors.

Seconds later, several people turned around and chased him to his building where they beat him.

"He hit me two, three times in the face, broke my nose in two places and then I crouched down and they proceeded to hit me at least 10 times in the back of my head. Then four or five others joined in," describes the man.

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Police say this was one of four sideshows that broke out across San Francisco with 50 to 100 people blocking roads for 15 to 20 minutes.

The injured San Francisco resident said he only saw one police officer down his block.

"I saw one police vehicle parked by Market and Clayton. I was under the false assumption that the area was secured but in hindsight I realized that the police were outnumbered," he said.

Other neighbors stayed back and called 911. Neal Wood says he hadn't seen anything similar to the sideshow in his quiet neighborhood.

"It was absolutely insane and I understand it was quite well organized," said Wood.

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SFPD confirmed there were no arrest, no citations and no injuries at any of the four locations were sideshows broke out, but this man's face tells a different story.

San Francisco Mayor London Breeds says SFPD officers were able to figure out locations and responded

"The fact is that SFPD is ready for it. But part of the challenged we have, is to strengthen our laws like Oakland did and have the ability to confiscate the vehicles that are involved in these sideshows," said Breed.

A member of SFPD confirmed they are working on finding a solution but it's a question of resources, public safety and officer safety.

SFPD also pointed out that they are documenting, taking down license plates, and working towards identifying who these people are.

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