SJ police officer injured in sideshow, operation targeting racers intensifies

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Sideshows and street racing are becoming more frequent in the South Bay. Just Sunday night, police made arrests at one of the shows where one of their own officers was injured.

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Police are determined to get a handle on street racing. They're still looking for the driver who hit an officer with his car. Investigators are worried that more people could be hurt.

The squealing of tires and the roar of the engine -- sideshows are attracting huge crowds.

One man who calls himself "Rags" watches many of them. "You're right in front of the cars and they're swinging them right in front of you -- it's the adrenaline rush of being right there in the action," he said.

It's become such an increasing problem for authorities that San Jose Police, Morgan Hill Police, the CHP and Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies are conducting an operation targeting street racers and sideshow drivers.

Sunday night, they were at Hostetter Road near Interstate 680 where hundreds had gathered. An officer was hit and suffered minor injuries.

"If this person was willing to do this with one of our officers, what is he willing to do to someone else," asked Sgt. Enrique Garcia of the San Jose Police. "So we need to send a message that this activity is illegal -- someone is going to get seriously injured, if not killed."

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