Coronavirus impact: Several Bay Area parks to close, officials restrict parking for Easter weekend

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- Many Regional Parks and Open Space Preserves will be closing this Easter weekend.

Officials say they are trying to protect public safety.

The weather is expected to be nice and there is a fear that large crowds will gather. Thursday we saw several Bay Area parks packed with people.

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At Marina Park in San Leandro, you'd never know there was a shelter order in place. There were cars lined up as far as you could see.

"I think at the end people just want to enjoy life and enjoy the weather right now it is spring," says college student Jamal Sultan.

There is a fear that even more people will come out this Easter weekend when the weather is expected to be even nicer.

Because of that, dozens of parks including Lake Chabot Park in Alameda County, Mission Peak in Fremont, and Miller Knox Regional Shoreline will all be closed and parking even more restricted.

"A little bit scary we've never had this experience before," says Mohammad Musa who showed up at Marina Park to go running with two friends.

Parking lots at that location were closed Thursday.

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Garbage cans are taped up as well, but hundreds of people still came out and parked on the street. There was even a game of soccer going on.

Some participating are concerned about the virus but say they are still being safe.

"Yeah I feel worried that's why when I play you can see I dress up," said one of the people participating in the pick-up match.

Many of the locations in these parks have already been off-limits. The difference this coming weekend is that we'll see additional parking areas closed.

You can go to the Regional Parks and Open Space Preserves website here, where there is an official list of which parks are off-limits this weekend.

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