How to get to the Oakland A's new stadium at Howard Terminal

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- With the ink still drying on the renderings for the Oakland A's newest stadium proposal, the first question that diehard fans are asking is: how they will get to the new stadium site?

The President of the A's himself admitted at the Wednesday press conference that getting to and from the Howard terminal site "has been a big concern."

While the Coliseum is dated and lacked many modern amenities, one thing that really works is its central location. Fans can easily take BART, Amtrak, and AC Transit to get to the stadium and there is plenty of on-site parking for fans who drive and tailgate.

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The Howard Terminal site is walking distance from the northwestern edge of Oakland's Jack London Square but here's how it close it is to other potential transportation options:

BART: Good news... there's three stations within a mile radius of Howard terminal. Bad News... the closest is about a mile away. That's a pretty far walk for less than able-body fans. The A's are exploring options to rectify that issue including their grand plan for an aerial tram/gondola from downtown Oakland to Jack London Square. Bus shuttles are another option, along with bike/scooter shares... but it won't be as convenient as the Coliseum right now.
(*A little perspective: The distance from BART to Howard terminal is basically the same as BART to the Giants' AT&T Park. The difference is there's a dedicated muni line in SF that runs from Bart to AT&T Park)

Driving: Good news... Howard terminal is close to both the 880 and 980 freeways. Bad News... there's not a lot of parking around the stadium site. There's a few garages in Jack London Square but that's it. The A's have talked about acquiring some land from the Port of Oakland to build some parking nearby, but that is not guaranteed at this point.

Bus: AC Transit already has some lines that run to Jack London Square that could in theory be rerouted to go by the stadium. There's also the free Broadway shuttle that runs from Uptown to Jack London Square, but right now it only runs on weekdays and stops after 10pm. But that could be changed as well.

Ferry: There's already a dock at Jack London Square that's walking distance to the Howard Terminal site, so that would be the easiest option. But the established routes right now only serve the Marin, Alameda, and San Francisco areas. Most A's fans live in the East Bay so this may not be a great option for them.

Amtrak: There's an already established station at Jack London Square, so fans from Sacramento, and the central valley will still be able to ride the train to games... but that's not the majority of fans.

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