Parade celebrates 2 Oakland high school girls basketball team's championship wins

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A parade in Oakland Friday to honor champion basketball players did not involve the Golden State Warriors. Instead, the guests of honor were two women's high school basketball teams, Oakland High, which won the Division 3 state championship, and Oakland Tech, which claimed the Division 4 title.

The two teams were crowned champions last month and Friday their communities rewarded them with a parade.

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"This means a lot because the city is showing us a celebration and this is what we needed," said Jordan Smith who played for Oakland Tech.

"This is an amazing moment because we worked so hard for this, day in and day out and we got to finally celebrate," said Khirah McCoy who played for Oakland High.

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SKY7 was over a victory celebration for two Oakland high school basketball teams on Friday.

Both teams, each on their buses, made the rounds, celebrating and stopping at a number of Oakland schools where fans were waiting to meet the champs.

"All the boys get all the attention. We never had much attention and so now that we got all this, makes me very nervous and happy and thankful that I did something to help during my last year," said Tiffany Siu a co-captain for Oakland Tech.

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Leroy Hurt, the coach of the Oakland Tech Bulldogs remembers the pep talk the girls had right before the game.

"You'll remember this day-- good or bad-- so why not have the good version," recalled Coach Hurt.

The last stop was City Hall where they had a banquet prepared for the teams. It was a celebration they earned by being determined and working hard.

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