7 On Your Side reveals Super Bowl party tips

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you're getting a group of friends together for the Super Bowl, these simple steps will help you have a great party and enjoy the game, too.

From the Star Spangled Banner to the final snap, your super party can be as good as the hype for the game.

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We asked cooking instructor Terry Paulding of Paulding   Company in Emeryville to fire off some great easy to use ideas.

"You want to be at your party, so you don't want to spend your whole time in the kitchen," she said.

Super No. 1 tip: Prepare as much in advance as possible. Four of the five items on Paulding's super menu can be prepared in advance.

"The dips can be made a couple of days ahead easily," she said. "The cheese breads you can freeze before you cook them and then throw them in the oven."

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Marinade the chicken overnight. Paulding explained, "It will soak up more of that flavor. Just throw it in the oven."

Chili, she said, is tastier the second day. She advised, "So you want to make it, store it, and then reheat it to serve it."

Super tip No. 2: Pace yourself. "I would unveil things, you know, when people get there, this might be out because it's a great starter snack," Paulding said.

Place the popcorn next to your beverages. Bring out your two homemade dips one at a time next to your chips and raw veggies.

"The wings, whenever they're ready, and the chili for us -- that's our traditional Super Bowl dinner, half time chili," Paulding said.

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Super tip No. 3: When browning your meat make sure the pan is sizzling.

"The key when you're browning meat is you want to give it some room," Paulding said.

If the meat is stuck to the pan, let it sit there. When it's ready to be turned, it's going to release from the pan.

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