'It's time to get those boots': Lake Tahoe ski resorts opening early due to recent snowfall

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Friday, November 11, 2022
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Amid California's historic drought, most Lake Tahoe ski resorts are opening earlier than expected due to recent snowfall.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Amid California's historic drought, most Lake Tahoe ski resorts are opening earlier than expected due to recent snowfall.

Last year, the Lake Tahoe area saw more than 17 feet of snow in December but didn't receive anywhere near that during other parts of the season.

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In the last week, several feet of snow has fallen in the region.

The lifts are moving and the runs are nearly ready.

Ski season is about to start and the stoke level is high according to those we talked with.

"We're renting skis and ski boots," said 8-year-old Shoshana and 6-year-old Miri Edelstein.

Yes, even Shoshana and her little sister Miri are ready for a gnarly time on the slopes. Friday, Boreal Mountain and Mt. Rose will both open the season early, followed by the Vail Resorts properties in the Sierra this weekend.

B'out time, says the little ones.

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"Do you want to go really soon?" We asked to which Shoshana replied, "Yes! Um I don't really know when we're going. I definitely call it kind of soon."

At the California Ski Company in Berkeley, custom boots are their specialty and demand is high.

"Everybody in town wants their boots right now," says Michel Schmale who plans to go skiing next week.

"As soon as the weather man says there is going to be snow - it gets crazy," said Greg Whitehouse, owner of California Ski Company.

"It's time to get those boots and get 'em now," says Schmale.

"I'm fired up - this is what I live for here at Boreal. I mean opening day is when the stoke is the highest. Everybody has been jonesing to get up there all summer long," said Tucker Norred of Boreal Mountain.

Yes, word in the shop here, and up on the mountain there, is that there's snow and lots of it.

The fear of wiping out - not in this building.

"But doesn't everyone fall down?" said young Miri.

"We have some light fresh snow. About three to four feet of snow has come down over this past storm and we have actually blown five million gallons up at Boreal this past stint," said Norred.

Yes, this snow is certainly reason to celebrate, or just bundle up, or just dance it up.

"Ya hang the garlic up and ya dance under the full moon and you hope, and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't, and this year so far we're getting lucky," said Whitehouse.

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