BART rider turns Clipper card into a ring, making her commute a lot more handy

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Scanning your Clipper card just got more fashionable, at least for one Bay Area BART rider. She turned her Clipper card into a ring.

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Sailor Mercury tweeted pictures showing her high tech jewelry saying, "Exciting news! Made another ring & this time it worked! thanks to @samantha_gold for suggesting to wrap the rfid & antenna in tape."

Amy Wibowo is the San Francisco programmer behind the Twitter handle Sailor Mercury.

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Her crafty Clipper card ring quickly earned a shoutout from BART.

"Brilliant DIY thread to create a Clipper Card ring!" tweeted BART.

However, BART soon followed up.

"Clarification time: we aren't encouraging alteration of Clipper cards. If there is a defect or a fare inspector asks for proof of payment, then the alterations won't help your case," tweeted BART. "We got too excited by the bling and the imagination! Sorry if it caused any confusion."

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So, what's next for Wibowo? People are reaching out to her on Twitter offering to buy a Clipper card ring. She says she may be working on ring tutorial soon.
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