SJ Earthquakes star Tommy Thompson describes life in the MLS Bubble -- 'With Authority'

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Friday, July 3, 2020
Inside the Bubble with Tommy Thompson of the SJ Earthquakes -- 'With Authority'
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What is life like in the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Bubble where the MLS is set to return to play? San Jose Earthquakes star Tommy Thompson tells how the team is living and training, and navigating COVID-19 safety protocols.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The San Jose Earthquakes were the first Major League Soccer team to arrive in Orlando as they prepare for the MLS Is Back Tournament.

Quakes star Tommy Thompson told us on the "With Authority" podcast he's happy to be back on the soccer field at the Disney World complex.

"The quarantine period was very difficult and that's probably the longest period of time we've gone without playing soccer. As a pro soccer player, as a college soccer player, as a youth soccer player, we don't take that much time off ever. It just felt great to be back on the field," said Thompson.

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Health and safety are at the forefront with consistent testing for COVID-19.

VIDEO: Quakes star Tommy Thompson talks COVID-19 precautions in the Bubble

"The testing center that is set up is really well done. We haven't had any issues with waiting in line. I haven't seen any other teams in there while we've been in there," said Thompson. "So, I think Major League Soccer has done a good job protecting us from the virus. I'm still like I said, really optimistic about what is going to transpire here."

The Quakes begin tournament play with a match against Seattle on July 10th.

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"This is history here in Orlando. This is the professional sports world response to a pandemic. I think the league did a great job of creating an environment for that. To me, so far, it seems like a great solution to a very complicated problem. I'm happy to be here and I can't wait for our first game against Seattle," said Thompson.

July is the month for sports to make it's triumphant return. The MLS begins play next week, the NBA will follow in Orlando at the end of the month and Major League Baseball is also set to open their season in late July.