East Bay drivers have easy commute despite Transbay Tube closure

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It is now Day 2 of the weekend BART Transbay Tube closure and, all in all, things are going pretty well.

Saturday's closure did cause plenty of backups at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza but no worse than during a weekday morning commute.

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However, it did cause a few sour notes for people going to a big concert at AT&T Park.

There were 50,000 Billy Joel fans having to navigate Frogger-like conditions crossing the street to the park. Parking control officers like Denise Nave made the path a little more manageable.

"Because so many in a small amount of time and spacing, it got a little busy," Nave said.

Also helping were flagmen with construction workers installing track and making infrastructure upgrades at the 4th and King Street intersection.

Many East Bay residents had to rethink their Saturday commute as the Transbay Tube was closed for weekend track repairs.


"For sure, I thought it was gonna be a real nightmare," John Koncoli said.

"I was planning on taking BART," commuter Gina said. "We were afraid she was going to bail because of the whole traffic thing," her friend added.

Not only did commuters not bail, many said traffic was a breeze.

"I waited exactly 15 seconds, got on the bus. Took 20 minutes," Koncoli said.

For some, coming up with just one favorite Billy Joel song was more difficult than coming into the city.

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