The TSA's 2024 canine calendar will melt your travelin' heart

ByForrest Brown, CNN, CNNWire
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
TSA's 2024 canine calendar will melt your travelin' heart
The TSA released its 2024 canine calendar featuring the safety-minded, hard-working dogs of the Transportation Security Administration.

CHICAGO -- It's not often that the words "TSA" and "adorable" come together in the same sentence. Long lines, discarded items, a sometimes-grumpy atmosphere - not much to love there.

But those two words are a natural pairing when it comes the Transportation Security Administration's annual canine calendar. The agency announced its 2024 version on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday - and let's just say these safety-minded, hard-working pooches are PAWSitively precious.

The calendar honors the more than 1,000 explosives-detection canines working across the United States. Adorning the cover is Dina, winner of the 2023 cutest canine contest.

This gal is a 3-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer who works at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. She was "one of several TSA canines who worked at Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix" back in February, according to a TSA news release.

But the doggie love doesn't stop at the cover. Inside are a year's worth of dogs starting with Gina-Gina, a regal looking Belgian Malinois that works at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Actually, there's more than year's worth of dogs as the calendar offers up a few bonus canines at the end.

The calendar has plenty of dog factoids, too, such as this from May: "Canines possess a sense of smell more sensitive than even the most advanced man-made instrument. Their sniffers are powerful enough to detect substances at concentrations of one part per trillion-about the same as a single drop of liquid in 20 Olympic-size swimming pools."

Click here for your own downloadable version.

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