Ukrainian woman detours from mission to give flowers to the women helping feed military

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Ukrainian woman gives flowers to the women helping feed military
13 days ago Oksana was a project manager at a local bank in Kyiv. Now, she's dressed in tactical gear fighting and supporting Ukraine's military.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 13 days ago Oksana was a project manager at a local bank in Kyiv. Now, she's dressed in tactical gear fighting for her country.

"About five minutes ago we heard a rocket fly over heads here above our house. I just understand that at this time anything can change within minutes," said Oksana.

Oksana has become the lifeline for many in her city. From early hours in the morning until night fall before the curfew, she maneuvers her way through the city while bombs are destroying everything around her. She decided to stay back to help.

"After this conversation I will be getting on a phone call with a surgeon because they have a list for me to find and provide them with whatever they need for surgeries," said Oksana.

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For safety reason we're leaving her last name out. The person translating for her is her brother Vlad who lives in Seattle.

Luz Pena: "Vlad what goes through your mind? You're hearing your sister say she is putting her life at risk to save others"

Vlad: "I'm scared for her, but I also trust that God is going to protect her."

Oksana spends her days finding medical supplies for local hospitals and food for her neighbors who are helping feed over 400 Ukrainian military service men and local defense team members.

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"We have in multiple districts of Kyiv kitchens that are set up and working 24/7 to constantly provide people with food," said Oksana.

Unity is what keeps her going. Oksana broke down thinking about the children hiding in a basement at local hospital and the men who are risking their lives everyday on the frontlines. One of them is her fiancé.

"When I'm trying to move from one place to another across the city I understand that it's really dangerous and yes my life is in danger so I have to be really careful," said Oksana and added, "I have to be safe because tomorrow there are other people that I need to help too."

On International Women's Day, Oksana took a detour from her daily mission and got flowers to honor the women who are risking their lives with her to keep their military going.

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While the battle against Russia carries on and the men of Ukraine are ordered to fight, the women of Ukraine are stepping up too.

"I wanted to do it as if it were from their husbands and from our men to them. Since their husbands can't be there next to them right now," said Oksana and added, "We just cried together and we talked and said that these are just emotions we need to let them out. We are not going to give up we are going to work harder and we are strong together."

To help Oksana with medical supplies, food and any other necessities, visit Save the Storks organization and select "Ukraine family rescue & relief."

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