ABC7 NextGen Now: Afghan American activists, students talk fight for justice

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As the world watched Afghanistan's takeover by the Taliban in May 2021, many in the Bay Area took to the streets to protest the U.S. withdrawal, the accusation of power and the deteriorating conditions on the ground overseas. This NextGen Now conversation was recorded in September 2021 and was led by our ABC7 NextGen Youth Advisory Council. NextGen Council members initiated and contributed to the production of the content within this post.

The topics raised in the roundtable discussion continue to be relevant today. As the war in Ukraine continues, it's important to remember the ongoing conflicts that are also happening around the world. From Syria, Yemen, the Republic of Congo to Afghanistan, the international community continues to bear displacement and hardships. Therefore, as we pay attention to one atrocity, let's not forget the others. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was heavily broadcasted in the news. Its continued settlement and penetration of life, however, has yet to see the same spotlight..

In this ABC7 NextGen Now roundtable, we brought together young activists, students and Afghans in the Bay Area who are currently leading the fight for justice in Afghanistan. From thousands of miles away, the diaspora has organized, gathered resources and created real change for Afghans who feel they have been left voiceless.

In this discussion, we hear personal stories from young Afghans, their impactful actions and demands, their perspectives on historic events and recounts of the events that have occurred since 1979.

Find out more about what young activists in the Bay Area are doing for Afghanistan and Take Action.

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Conversation participants:
Julian Glover, ABC7 News Race & Culture Reporter
Yasaman Asgari, ABC7 NextGen Council Member
Maryam Muska, Co-Founder & Public Relations Director of United Afghan Association
Mehrah (Nagar) Nawabi, Co-Founder & Co-President of United Afghan Association
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