PAC-12 fans are ready for Friday's rainy championship game

ByLauren Martinez KGO logo
Friday, December 6, 2019
PAC-12 fans ready for Friday's rainy championship game
PAC-12 fans are getting ready for a rainy championship game at Levi's Stadium on Dec. 6, 2019.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- College football fans are excited and players are getting ready for Friday's Pac-12 Football Championship Game at Levi's Stadium.

It's Utah versus Oregon.

Alexandria Regenold is setting up Utes products inside the Hyatt Regency where players, families and fans are staying. "Lots of rain gear. It's supposed to rain really hard tonight. There's been a lot of demand for the ponchos, people have been asking about those. What's the most protective for wet weather," Regenold said.

She, like so many others, made the long drive from either Utah or Oregon. "15 hours was our drive. It was tiring, but it was good," Regenold said.

Ron Bowker drove down from Eugene. He said it took them 10 hours, but it was a piece of cake. "I think it's going to be an exciting close game, but I do expect Oregon to win," Bowker said.

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Brittany Millwe drove from Utah with her grandfather. She said it took them 11 hours. The rain expected during the game is not fazing them at all. "We sit in a lot of games in the rain back in Utah, so it wouldn't be my first rodeo," Millwe said.

"Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain right at game time, but we're prepared for that too we're Oregonians," Bowker said.

ABC7 is carrying the Pac-12 title game at Levi's Stadium between the 5th ranked "Utah Utes" and the number 13 "Oregon Ducks."

A Utah win could vault them into the college football playoffs... If they are ranked in the top 4 on Sunday.

Kickoff is at 5pm followed by a special edition of "After the Game".