Insurance claim delayed after valet parking attendant drives woman's car into pole

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Bay Area woman's car sustained damage after being moved by a valet.

The process to get the garage to pay the insurance claim started fairly smoothly for this woman, but then she says the whole process took a wrong turn.

Alesia Collins drives to San Francisco for work often from her home in Suisun City.

When she does, valets park her car in a parking garage run by Impark at Opera Plaza.

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"I park there all the time," said Alesia. "I know these guys. These are a great group of guys."

One day a valet told her he accidentally ran her car into a pole, leaving a scratch on her door.

"I would say it was probably about this long," she said as she held her hands inches apart. "It was very obvious when you walked by it."

She said the valet promised her Impark's insurance would take care of it.

In the incident report he filed, the employee admitted fault. "Entering parking space, hit post."

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Within days, she received a letter from Impark requesting two repair estimates which she promptly gave them.

Alesia repaired her vehicle confident she would quickly get reimbursed.

I'm not one that likes to drive around with my car damaged, because you never know what's going to happen to further damage the car," she said.

Alesia's insurance company paid for the repair, but required Alesia to pay the deductible.

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Her insurance company then contacted Impark to get Alesia's claimed paid out-hoping to refund her for the $500 deductible she paid.

"Impark would not respond. It went from April until September that they did not respond," she said.

When her insurance company asked her what she wanted it to do next, Alesia decided to contact 7 On your side

"That afternoon, Impark called and left me a message on my cellphone."

The next day Impark paid her claim.

"Thank you, Michael. Thank you so much."

Alesia says Impark apologized to her for the delay. Impark did not return our numerous requests for comment.

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