Vallejo couple of 35 years both die of COVID-19 11 days apart

Keith, who was 62, had diabetes. Gwendolyn, who was 60, had asthma along with a blood cancer known as MDS.
VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- A Vallejo couple who had been together for 35 years both died of COVID-19 complications 11 days apart from one another.

"It wasn't until he woke up gasping for air that I said 'we have to take you to the emergency room, we can't treat it at home any longer,' and that was the last time I saw him."

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Eboni Hunter is describing her final in-person moment with her dad Keith Robinson, a former US Postal Worker who died due to COVID-19 complications.

Tough yes, but even tougher since it came just 11 days after her mother and his wife Gwendolyn, who worked at the Veteran's home of California, also died from the virus.

Keith, who was 62, had diabetes. Gwendolyn, who was 60, had asthma along with a blood cancer known as MDS.

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Both had been successfully living with their conditions up until COVID-19.

De Lon Adams and his sister say they feel numb over what has happened, describing their parents as lovebirds, who were together for 35 years. He called her "Bright Eyes" and she called him "Grizzly."

"Every weekend they were together you know, it was them because they had the same clothes on yup they would dress alike. If it was Sunday it was 49ers gear, if it was during the week it was Warriors gear or Giants gear."

De Lon and Eboni say that while they're trying to stay strong, it's hard.

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"It's tough for me. I'm still in the house and they were my best friends... So I'm going to miss them a lot because they really were my best friends."

At this point De Lon and Eboni believe that their father was the first one to come down with COVID-19. He drove distribution trucks for the US Postal service. It's unclear how he may have gotten it, but his symptoms appeared first.

The family has created a GoFundme account.

The money raised will go towards a proper burial for both Keith and Gwendolyn.

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