Convicted Vallejo kidnapper Matthew Muller will stand trial on rape charges

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Thursday, February 14, 2019
Convicted Vallejo kidnapper will stand trial on rape charges
A kidnapping victim who is also an alleged rape victim came face-to-face with her abductor again during a preliminary hearing in Solano County.

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- A kidnapping victim who is also an alleged rape victim came face to face with her abductor again today during a preliminary hearing in Solano County.

Newleyweds Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn are reliving the nightmare Matthew Muller brought to their lives in 2015.

Both testifying for the first time about having their Vallejo home broken into, then being bound, blindfolded and drugged before Muller kidnapped Huskins, a crime the Vallejo Police Department originally called a hoax.

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The judge finding enough evidence for Muller to have to face all six felony charges including kidnap for ransom, forcible rape and false imprisonment. Muller is already serving a 40 year sentence after pleading guilty to a federal kidnapping charge. He's representing himself in this case.

He wore a suit and was shackled at the ankles.

Huskins recounted in painful detail Muller raping her twice and recording both sexual assaults.

She described the room where Muller kept her blindfolded with blacked out swim goggles for 48 hours.

Huskins testifed after the second rape she felt, "defeated, drained and helpless."

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Amy Morton is Quinn's attorney.

"I can't believe what she had to go to really I can't," said Morton.

While Muller was allegedly drugging and raping Huskins, Quinn had various tasks he had to perform to pay a ransom.

Quinn and Huskins said Muller told them the other would be shocked or have their face cut if they didn't comply.

"They were really brave and I'm so proud of both of them they did an excellent job," said Aaron Quinn's mother Marianne.

Muller did not cross-examine Quinn or Huskins.

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"I'm sure that they were relieved," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Henry.

Muller telling the judge, "I don't know how I'm supposed to put on a case your honor."

"Matthew Muller has been given discovery but because he decided to represent himself there were logistics around getting him everything," said Henry.

Earlier in the day Muller said about the discovery he hadn't seen, "It could be an aardvark or an eggplant for all I know."

As the conclusion of the day, Muller's final words to the judge included, "I'm not match for millionaires, I don't even have one attorney."

He also said, "I did not plead guilty in federal court because I'm guilty."

Muller's wife, who married him after his arrest but has known him since before the kidnapping says she still loves and stands by him.

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"If you get to know him he's really a complete different person than what you thought," said Huei Dai.

When asked why he didn't cross examine Quinn and Huskins she said, "He believes if you're putting someone on the stand like that you're going to victimize them again and it's not right. He is all for justice."

She said she didn't know if Muller had other people who worked with him.

Muller will be back in court in two weeks. Quinn and Huskins are expected to testify again at trial.

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