Gorilla captivated by videos of baby gorillas

ByKaylee Merchak WTVD logo
Monday, July 3, 2017
Lindsey Costello and her new friend enjoying videos of baby gorillas at the Louisville Zoo
Lindsey Costello and her new friend enjoying videos of baby gorillas at the Louisville Zoo
images-Credit: Lindsey Costello/Instagram via Storyful

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- One gorilla at the Louisville Zoo got some face-to-face time with the black hole we all know and love as YouTube.

And it was all thanks to a mysterious stranger!

During her trip to the zoo, Lindsey Costello saw camels, birds, elephants, and gorillas.

But while she was checking out the gorilla enclosure, she captured one of the animal's attention by showing it videos of baby gorillas.

Costello said an older woman, who visited the zoo often, was already showing the gorilla videos when she arrived. The woman saw how excited she was and asked if she wanted to try.

The woman handed Costello her phone and the rest is history.

Costello and her new friend sat side-by-side as she held up the phone to the glass, and it didn't take long before the ape was fixated on the screen.

The stranger said she loved visiting the zoo and had taken a special interest in the gorillas, this one in particular.

"She said she always shows him these videos," Costello said. "She told me she appreciates my excitement over the ordeal since she has such a passion for it."

And the gorilla was into it too! He would even communicate with the women while he was watching.

"If the gorilla wanted a different video, he would pick up his arm and swipe over. If I turned the phone away from him, he would stretch out his neck to be able to view it. It was incredible!"

Costello posted a picture captioned, "My new friend and I enjoy watching videos of baby gorillas," to her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The photo quickly became an internet sensation and has even been made into memes.

Storyful contributed to this post.