Warriors fans celebrate: 'Best part of tonight? Watching Curry be the G.O.A.T on Boston's court!'

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Friday, June 17, 2022
NBA Finals: Warriors fans celebrate Dubs' victory in Boston
Golden State Warriors fans celebrate the Dubs' victory in Boston, beating the Celtics for its seventh NBA championship.

BOSTON (KGO) -- What a night it was for Dub Nation who came from all over to see the Golden State Warriors close it out in Boston against the Celtics, winning its fourth title in eight years.

The Celtics scored 90 and the Warriors scored 103.

The crowd was roaring to start the game, but the Warriors came back, took that crowd out of the game, and won it all in Dubs fashion by being the best out there.

VIDEO: 1-on-1 with MVP Steph Curry after Warriors' NBA championship win

NBA Finals MVP Steph Curry shares his excitement after the Golden State Warriors win the NBA championship and dives into his plans for the future and his family.

Stephen Curry was named series MVP and as he made his way to the locker room after the game he had a stogie in his mouth, his NBA Champion hat on and the look of accomplishment as he walked by our crew.

We spoke with dozens of fans who made their way to Boston for the game, here is what they had to say.

"Today is my mom's birthday. She passed away in 2014 and we won on her birthday in 2015. Full circle, I'm at the game tonight, she's here with me and it means a lot," said Warriors fan and Oakland native Simon Fahlander.

VIDEO: Watch fireworks over Chase Center after Warriors win NBA Finals

Fireworks lit up the sky over San Francisco's Chase Center after the Warriors won the NBA Finals.

"This is my son, on his fifth birthday in 2017 we won the championship and he just turned ten and we won it again haha!" said another fan.

"I'm from Oakland my man, ain't no better to beat a historical franchise like the Boston Celtics like we did. Everyone said the series was over, Celtics in 6, Championship pedigree," said another fan.

"I got here Wednesday, I purposely came out here for this game, I've kind of been a Finals curse but we did it. Third time is a charm right?" said Alice Zhang of San Francisco.

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"I was at Game 2 in San Francisco, had the clinch opportunity here literally 6 blocks from where I live. It's been an unbelievable ride to see it on both coasts and to watch them close it out here tonight," said Kevin Gehl who lives in Boston but is a Pleasanton native.

"Ayesha can cook! Ayesha can cook, that's what we think. Best part of tonight watching Curry be the GOAT on Boston's court," said Kris Ferrer, a Dubs fan who lives in New York.

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"I'm from Chicago and I came all the way out here to see the Dubs win another championship. Let's go," said one Warriors fan.

"I'm from San Francisco and I came all the way over here to see the Dubs pull this out, it's a dream come true 4 in 8 years," yelled another Dubs fan.

"We flew in this morning. We wanted to see the A's win finally and then we came here afterwards and we were here. We were in Cleveland in 2015 together and we are so stoked to be here in 2022," said Warriors fan Sidh Arthkaw.

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